LGBT compassion

Fighting oppression and discrimination for all

Welcome to LGBT Compassion!

Nicholas, the male dairy calf at The Animal Place farmed animal sanctuary.

We are a coalition of San Francisco Bay Area gay animal advocates (and some non-gay friends)  working to promote awareness of animal welfare, health, environmental, and civil rights issues within our community — along with any other important social issues that we feel strongly about.

We feel that the LGBT community, having experienced discrimination, bullying oppression and suffering ourselves, having special health issues, and often having unique bonds with companion animals, should be open to learning and helping others who may not be able to speak up for themselves — whether human or non-human.

Articles about the connections between the abuse of animals, and of LGBTs (and other groups of humans)

Feminism — the Next Step
A vegan woman explains the parallels between sexual (and other) abuses of humans and animals, from a very personal viewpoint.

Gay rights and animal rights: intersections
Vegan lesbian Jasmin Singer dissects the intersections between gay rights and animal rights, concluding that the rationale used to marginalize both groups are rooted in the same mindset.

Gay Rights and Animal Rights: How Are They Connected?
VegNews Magazine talks to prominent gay vegan activists.

Eastern Shore Sanctuary & Education Center — Racism
Eloquent explanation (with links to more information) of how animal subordination lays the groundwork for racism, including environmental and dietary racism.

The Food Empowerment Project — Environmental Racism
How and why animal agribusiness' tremendous pollution output harms persons primarily of color and of poverty, who don't have the financial means or political power to protect themselves.