Photos of New Longs Live Poultry illegally selling live animals on public property

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From September 26, 2009. Photos by Army of Compassion.

Public parking lot next to the Alemany Blvd. farmers market, at Putnam St. between Crescent and Alemany Blvds. The unmarked white van is New Longs Live Poultry. They used to sell out of a large marked truck - obviously, they know this use of public property is illegal, and they are trying to be discreet.
Back of van. They were keeping the doors shut until enough customers gathered, trying to remain unnoticed. The strong smell and noise from the frightened and abused animals makes the operation obvious, though.
New Longs moved the van from the parking lot to Crescent Blvd after realizing they were noticed in the parking lot.
Making a sale on the sidewalk.
The van is pulling away again, after New Longs realized their activities were again being recorded. They were unable to find another suitable location and left.