Photos from the U.N. Plaza (Civic Center) "Heart of the City Farmers Market"

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From 2010

Live chicken in a bag set aside, then covered with boxes and bags, presumably because it was sick/injured.
Feces-covered eggs stored on the ground within 20 feet of live animals in sunlight, in violation of multiple health laws.
Hen purchased as "pet" then returned because of wound (lower back). Seized by Animal Care & Control for treatment and adoption.
Quail purchased and "set free" at U.N. Plaza by customer. Now living at an animal sanctuary.
Vendor accepting food stamp tokens for the purchase of live animals, prohibited by the USDA.
Jayce Benton's partridges in direct sun with no water, in violation of the market's permit.
Wire cages hidden behind blue tarps do not comply with the market's permit.
Sign at left unsuccessfully instructs customers to not violate health laws by bringing live animals near food for sale.

From April 8, 2009

This vendor (Jayce Benton) was stuffing 8 partridges at a time in one bag, and physically threatened 2 of our party.

From June 7, 2009. The Animal Care and Control officer on duty refused to come to the market to investigate, even though they were violating instructions she personally previously gave Raymond Young.

The birds were in full sun, contrary to Animal Care and Control's instructions to Raymond Young.
Small, empty plastic cups and cage floor exposing birds to feces fail to comply with the market permit's requirements.
These birds were in the sun with no water.
Raymond Young has begun attempting to hide his operations from public view with the tarps.
Raymond Young was instructed by Animal Care and Control to not use plastic bags which block the animals' air supply.
Customer boards MUNI with live animals, against policy.
Customer leaves market, then boards BART with live animals, against policy.

From June 14, 2009.
This egg has blood, perhaps indicating that the bird who laid it suffers from a prolapsed cloaca (not uncommon for birds made to lay large quantities of eggs).
This crate contained a soda can which had been ripped in half, exposing sharp, ragged edges. Perhaps this was intended to be a water container.
These customers are putting live animals in the trunks of their cars, in further violation of CA Penal Code section 597a (Transporting animals in a cruel manner).  
Empty cages, again showing tiny plastic cups ostensibly being used to provide water.
Raymond Young began putting "caution" tape around his operation, to discourage public viewing. The police instructed them to stop.
Man (in white dress shirt) buys birds, does some shopping, boards MUNI.